So I have taken the step from writing my thoughts and ideas in my scrapbook to starting this blog. It will mainly consist of all the things that ramble around my brain from weddings, parties, what I have found out along the way in my business and all things pretty, girlie and vintage.

I cant say I was one of those girls who grew up planning their wedding, to be honest I never even thought about my wedding day, but since the day I got engaged it was like a spark had been set off and I loved everything about them.
Its more the planning and styling that I love, I am very creative as a person and the idea of creating a day personal to you that you cant do in everyday life excites me. The planning of how the room will look, what décor the tables will have on them and the favours the guests will receive brings out in me what can only be described as a "child in a sweet shop" effect. I will be using this blog to share with you all of the things I love, with inspiration photos of weddings, events and vinta

I will try and update my blog every few days with things I find along my way.

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy! - BIV x

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