Snipets of my stand at Cattows Farm Wedding Fair. 15.09.2013

Happy Friday everyone, the weekend is upon us!

This week has flown by for me, I have been busy with the aftermath of Sundays wedding fair which as saw me speaking to some lovely brides about their weddings.

Whilst on my stand I observed the engaged couples walking around with that wedding glow about them excited to see what was in store for them. I stood watching the brides eyes light up as they spoke about their upcoming day and the plans they have made whilst the grooms stood by their side looking like fish out of water but doing it for love.
With being married for only 2 years myself I remember those feelings well - the excitement of the day to come but also the knowledge that this person will be with you through life, good and bad for (as you vow) for as long as you both shall live.

But what is it that makes a lasting marriage? after the excitement of planning the wedding and after buzz of the day when you return to everyday life just you and your husband what makes it a happy marriage?

I am sure if you asked all married couples you would get a list as long as your arm after speaking to many myself and reading up what people say the verdict seems to be three key elements: Laughter, Lust and Loyalty.

Couples that laugh together stay together as they say, Lust  really needs no explanation and loyalty - everything in a marriage flows downhill towards it. If you have all three you cant go wrong.

So brides to be and married couples there it is - enjoy and remember the planning stages as these may seem stressful at the time but when you look back will be happy memories of you and your groom joining your personalities, families and lives together and take with you through your married life love, laughter, lust and loyalty and you have all the basics to have a long and happy marriage!


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